Getting Married in Goa

Goa is definitely one of the leading wedding destinations in Asia and abounds in natures beauty and white sand beaches. The best months in Goa are November – March, with October, April & May being relatively hot, but with amazing deals, not to forget Goa has various indoor A/c venues for your events thru the year!

Registering your marriage anywhere outside your place of residence involves some paperwork and government/religious formalities. Getting your marriage registered in Goa mandates that you stay here for a couple of months prior to the wedding date. Note that in Goa, marriage laws are still based on the Portuguese system and are different from the rest of the country.


From eclectic to the ethereal, Goa’n vintage to desi-chic, we along with your inputs, design a look & feel that infuses a positive attitude radiating from the hosts to their guests. Our décor is a fusion of modern and traditional, keeping the flavour of Goa’s natural beauty and the desi glamour as important ingredients.

Our belief is that lavishness is not all about budgets, rather attention to detail. We emphasise our attention to a customised approach, which allows for a Magical setting at any budget.



A riot of colors, song and dance, food and drink. From traditional blood-red hues to new looks and beautiful shades, you’ll set a trend that all your friends will want to follow. And if you’d like something a little more elaborate and adventurous, bring back Holi or get them set for a rain dance by the pool. Our Goan pizzazz will take your party to the next level.



Its the last evening of your singlehood – everybody wants to make it the most joyous and memorable with your first family and close friends. We take the organisation off your back to ensure a seamless flow of your life story performances, decor as you’ve imagined backed with matching entertainment to keep your guests in the mood.



Your new life starts today… Goa.. The beaches.. The Sunsets.. Let us surround the start of this ethereal celebration with a feeling of Elegance & Grandeur, just as you imagined for this Big Day. The beach or lawns, dusted with flowers, the sunset and melodies of your favourite tunes greeting you as you take the most important step together for life.


Beach Weddings

Champagne on the beach at Sunset? Leave it to us and we take care of all your needs, from the venue to permissions and production. Goa has a host of off beat venues, from beach shacks to heritage forts, we’d be happy to manage the same for you.



We manage all your local transport needs from Airport welcomes to hand picked vehicles with English speaking drivers. Be it a transfer by limousine or boat, we coordinate any and all of your local logistics.

Wedding Services

Hospitality – Hotel suggestions, coordination and billing.

Designing the local itinerary for the guests.

Logistics – Airport management, transport coordination.

Hampers – Curating the right hampers to suit you & your guests.

Décor – From styling to execution, we manage it all.

Entertainment – Bands, Dj’s, dance troupes.

Venues – Hand-picked selections, from beaches to forts.

Talent – Mehndi artists, masseurs, hair & makeup, mixologists are all at hand locally.

Billing – If you’r in too much of a good mood to get into your billing, we are happy to use our experience to assist in a quick & smooth closure.