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Lyndon Alves, Owner, Sunset Getaways, shares his experience of living in the state of shimmering sands and ruffled waves.


I hail from?

A typical Bandra boy, was born and studied in Bombay, where I started my career in hospitality with the Searock Sheraton & Travel Corporation India (TCI).


My idea of settling in Goa?

As I was a regular visitor to Goa on both holiday and work, I always wanted to settle down to this life in the midst of nature and free soul space.


It’s possible to find cuisines from all over the world in Goa – Mediterranean Italian, Greek, Continental, Pan-Asian, all-American diner. But most visitors come to sample the unique local cuisine, an exotic blend of Indian spices, Western influence and local traditions, alongside the less well-known but just as mouth-watering Saraswat cuisine. It’s a wonderful gastronomical experience for all!

The Indian aviation sector has dozens of airlines flying into Goa from all metros and many Tier 2 cities. A large number of bus services are also available from Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and other areas. Taking the scenic route is also possible, either by  road or the more budget-friendly Konkan Railways.
Goa is one of the highest repeat holiday and corporate destinations in India, with over 1,500 international charter flights and many more domestic ones, making access from around the world easy and affordable. 

Between November and February, Goa witnesses ideal climatic conditions for events and is usually most visited during this time. Sometime in February, the Goa Carnival is celebrated, heralding the Christian holy season of Lent with a slightly more subdued atmosphere.
More recently, the monsoon period between June and October has begun gaining popularity with tourists too, as thousands arrive to enjoy verdant landscape, thundering sea and magical rains. 

Goa’s popularity lies in its beaches, with hundreds of thousands of domestic and international visitors descending on those strips of white sand flanked by the blue Arabian. But there’s more to Goa than that.

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