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Goa having been endowed with is natural beauty and attitude has become home to some of the finest international properties & events, that not just bring in visitors by the numbers but also act as a brand building exercise for the state..
Thinkfest, probably the best intellectual meet ever, was held at one of Goa’s leadomg five stars last month, bringing in some of the best minds from around the country & around the world to share thoughts on the changes & happenings on our planet.

A leading client hosting a multi-nationality event for associates from around the world wanted an event that incorporated global elements in everything from the décor to entertainment and cuisine. Sunset Getaways collaborated with Taj Hotels to create a ‘tour’ depicting the New Wonders of the World, with  our creations providing the backdrop for international artist performances and delectable cuisine from the Taj.  

Their Challenge: Standard Chartered Bank had the last day of its Goa conference to organize an innovative team-building activity for its 75 attendees as well as a sightseeing tour of Goa.

Our Solution: We combined the two and organized a treasure hunt that took all 75 through various parts of Goa on self-driven motorbikes and jeeps, with a sumptuous lunch at a spice plantation. The team spirit was taken up a notch with distinctive t-shirts representing the brand designed by Sunset Getaways for each group,  creating a striking visual image as they explored Goa.


Their Challenge: McKinsey was looking for a fresh, unique team-building event that involved creativity, credibility and professional panache, for their annual company meet in Goa.

Their Challenge: Luxury brand LVMH wanted something extraordinary to attract Goa’s highest profiles to an event for TAG Heuer right in the middle of the peak season.

Our Solution: Sunset Getaways teamed up with TAG Heuer and its brand ambassador, Shahrukh Khan, to put together a sporting event that included beach volleyball and pool games.
The show saw the best guest list ever in Goa, becoming one of the most elite fun events of the year. It was covered by the local and national press and brought extensive publicity to the state.


Client: Bacardi
Their Challenge: Despite exorbitant advertising rates during the cricket World Cup finals in Goa, Bacardi was faced with no space to publicize itself on the grounds or stands.
Our Solution: We devised a quick, effective, out-of-the-box solution. Several tickets in an optimal location were purchased for the final match. Seven models - each wearing t-shirts printed with one letter of the brand (B, A, C, A, R, D, I) – and a Goa brass band to cheer on the team were positioned in the seats.

If there’s one thing Goa is more famous for than its exquisite seafood, it is its famous parties. From the Portuguese-influenced Carnival and street dances to the hippie jam sessions and more recently electronic dance music (EDM) festivals, Goa has a long tradition of being India’s party capital.
Schedules for December and January are chock-o-block, with December 24 to January 2 the most-awaited time of the year for India’s party animals and celebrities.

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