Choosing from an option of around 1,00,000 beds can be a challenge, our offering is not for the mundane but a few handpicked options from boutique resorts to elite villas, at the best rates guaranteed.



Our passion for Goa has made us undisputed market leaders, we provide excursion services to some of the leading international operators and all our products are backed with a valid insurance policy and trained qualified staff. Bedsides our normal excursions, we would be glad to tailor make a fun day for a group of 2 to 200 people.



From a local seaside bed and breakfast to the many five stars that dot the state, we can help with suggestions for hotels in all categories. If you’re looking for special rates for a conference or wedding we can help with that too. While not the core of our business, we understand that the hotel sets the mood for the rest of the trip.

An expansive blue pool, the sound of waves crashing and great food can make or break a trip for some and we are here to make sure everything goes as per your


Everything is better with a fine champaign in hand and we can make that ( among other extravagances ) happen. Whether it’s time spent with a special someone or just to splurge a gift to a close one, we’ll take care of every indulgence.

Our good relationships will get you the appointment, be it a sunset cocktail, a gourmet dinner, a massage from Goa’s best masseur or a personalised visit to one of Goa’s leading boutiques for that special gift! Tell us your indulgence and we’d get it done!