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Partying & Nightlife

If there’s one thing Goa is more famous for than its exquisite seafood, it is its famous parties. From the Portuguese-influenced Carnival and street dances to the hippie jam sessions and more recently electronic dance music (EDM) festivals, Goa has a long tradition of being India’s party capital.... Read more
6 years 1 month

When to visit

Between November and February, Goa witnesses ideal climatic conditions for events and is usually most visited during this time. Sometime in February, the Goa Carnival is celebrated, heralding the Christian holy season of Lent with a slightly more subdued atmosphere. More recently, the monsoon... Read more
6 years 1 month

Success Story: Sunburn

Percept appointed us local partners when organizing the second Sunburn Festival to ensure  a smooth and successful event. We were handling a host of services, including all local permissions and promotions, when a month before the event, the recession and the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai... Read more
6 years 4 months