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Lyndon Alves, Owner, Sunset Getaways, sharing his experience of living

4 years 9 months ago

Lyndon Alves, Owner, Sunset Getaways, shares his experience of living in the state of shimmering sands and ruffled waves.


I hail from?

A typical Bandra boy, was born and studied in Bombay, where I started my career in hospitality with the Searock Sheraton & Travel Corporation India (TCI).


My idea of settling in Goa?

As I was a regular visitor to Goa on both holiday and work, I always wanted to settle down to this life in the midst of nature and free soul space.


Have been here for?

Been here since 1992, when my company transferred me to manage charters for their Goa & Kerala operations.


I keep myself occupied with?

Making a business out of my hobbies – tourism, boating, entertainment.


I like Goa most for?

The fact that 70% of the people I meet on a daily basis are on holiday, which pleasantly alters my  state of mind!


Life in Goa is all about?

A state of mind! That one creates for themselves.


I love eating out at?

My own places Rockfish & SOMA / A Reverie / Thalasa / Fiesta & the odd taverns that have stood the  test of time!


My favourite pastime in Goa is?

Promoting Goa through my business activities and showcasing the offbeat gems of the state to friends from around the globe.