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Goa Trance

5 years 9 months ago

You could stumble upon a heady mix of eclectic electronic music, bodies moving in time like half-imagined shadows in the dark, glowing in the light of fluorescent paint décor on the trees of a deserted valley or beach and think it is a dream. But it isn’t. It’s a Goa Trance party, and you are part of a globally recognized party scene that was born on the very soil you stand on.
Common on the Anjuna-Vagator stretch, the Goa Trance music style was pioneered by Goa Gil, Mark Allen and others who drove the now global movement. Today, it is right up there with other styles of electronic dance music with an increasing number of British, Dutch and European youth traveling here in search of the true Goa Trance experience.
Goa is now part of the circuit, alongside Ibiza, Portugal, Berlin and Israel.
As “Radio One” puts it – “To the so called world party scene, Goa is one of the most amazing places in the world”.